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About the Author

Within her social circle, Kathleen E. Greig has earned the moniker “Martha Stewart” for her inventive flair and captivating hosting abilities. Others liken her to the Canadian Ina Garten, acknowledging her exceptional talent for conceptualizing and preparing delectable recipes.

Kathy’s culinary approach is truly global in nature. Although born in Budapest, Hungary, she spent her formative years in the United States before eventually settling in Canada. It was in Canada that she crossed paths with and married her husband, the fortunate beneficiary of her culinary experiments, and each one consistently earning praise for its deliciousness.

Kathy attributes her keen sense of style and her passion for international cuisine to the influence of her mother, their extensive travels around the world, and her Hungarian heritage.

Currently, Kathy and her husband divide their time between the vibrant city of Toronto and the sunny haven of Sarasota, embodying a lifestyle that seamlessly blends various cultural influences.

For those eager to explore Kathy’s culinary world, her website offers a delightful glimpse into her culinary creations. Reach out to her for a direct connection.